Viral Nova WordPress Theme

Viral Nova as been causing a big disruption and rightly, so they share engaging content that is beautifully put together. They have only been around for just over one year now and is already rank the top 600 most visited site in the world!

Founded by Scott DeLong, what started as a one-man band as now become one of the fastest growing and most talked about the site of 2014. With mentions in and more reputable news publishers. Why have I told you all of this and what as it got to do with you?

Great question, the key takeaway I see here is design and content that is something they got right from the start. Minimalist, clutter-free design with huge empathize on images and social share. The is the first key to this site’s success and the other is highly engaging content that visitors would want to share.

Now that we have the basics covered here is a list of the best Viral Nova type themes to help you achieve success.

Talk Magazine

Talk Magazine WordPress Theme

Talk magazine is a super fast loading theme build on the foundly framework. It is very similar to the ViralNova utilizing the grid base layout which will help you increase your engagement and AdSense earnings. What makes this theme different from the others we have reviewed the customization options, optimized advertisement placements, social media integration and the fact its search ready to aid SERPS campaign.

You can display your post in the grid layout or switch it to a list style layout very similar to the new style upworthy design. With Talk magazine, you can display your single post with a sidebar and without. When using the full post view you then get the option to insert ads into the post which is neat and effective.


Griffin WordPress Theme(free theme)


For some time now many of our visitors have been asking if there was a free alternative to a Viral Nova style theme. My answer as alway been no, until now. Recently I found this theme that you can download for free; it is fully responsive unlike the ViralTimes theme being listed below. The Griffin template is easy to setup you also get a two post display on the home page to keep your readers engaged scrolling and clicking through. The post page on this theme is perfect for viral traffic because it is clutter free to keep your readers on the site longer. Although when I test this theme there where there was a few advertisement area but with this Adsense plugin I saw a steady increase in my earnings.


 ViralTimes WordPress Theme(new design)

viralnova wordpress template

Hot out the press is ViralTimes with awesome icons integrated available to insert in menus and on post single page. Multiply ad placement integrated to have you earning the big buck in no time. If you are after a viral base blog, then this could be just what you are looking for. You can see more of our recommendations here:




Another theme by the mythemeshop guys, it looks very similar to the ViralNova site with a minor difference. Some highlight of this theme is it’s built in review system it also comes responsive with ads spaces built-in.You also get the social share system as with the template mentioned above. Overall they have done a decent job with the theme, and I feel you could easily create a social sharing site.


TruePixel WordPress Theme (Old ViralNova design)


Very clean design with is fully responsive so that you site looks good on all devices. This theme also comes with built-in ad spaces so you can start earning right away. Another good thing about this theme is that it has Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social share integrated so that will be capturing wave after wave of traffic.