Best Distractify Clone WordPress Theme

Distractify is one of the popular sites in the world at it’s peak ranking under 1000 according to out of millions of sites. Due the sites design and highly engaging viral content it is no surprise we see it in our Facebook news feed and around the web. Distractify is not the only one having success in this  field there are a few others like upworthy, viral nova and more. Again some of the things we are seeing over again is great design simple enough to keep readers scrolling through and engaging content.

In this post I have put together a collection of some of the best WordPress themes similar to

Distractify Clone WordPress Template

distractify wordpress theme

This theme looks pretty much identical to Distractify, it is responsive to have your site looking good on all devices. Some of the noteworthy features are it’s build in ad spaces infinite scrolling on homepage and sticky sidebar on single page.

Overall a very good template that will help you to emulate Distractify success in creating an awesome news site.


Best Upworthy Theme WordPress Clone

Viral content sites are on the up with many webmasters creating huge fortunes overnight from this fonumane. This type of marketing is great because you don’t have to wait on Google to decide when they want to rank your site. Instead you can take out few ads placement on social sites and wow, your site is viral.

What the upworthy theme does great is focusing readers on the content and encourage sharing which will help drive your site to the top.

To create such a website please see editors choice:

ViralPress WordPress Theme

Looks very similar to come which lots of cool features not seen on orginal site. Some of these features are colourize or zoom effect featured image which is optional also built in ad spots ultimate coloring. You can also customize header layout for slightly different look.


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