The Best Imgur WordPress Theme Free & Premium of 2014

Imgur is one of the world best photo sharing/hosting sites in the world being the 48 most visited website in the world! Part of Imgur success I believe is its minimalist design that is easy to use and user friendly. Due to this I find my self spending more time on their site because I can easily browse my uploaded images and others.

If you are thinking of creating a image base site just like then you are in the right place because I am going to list the best themes to achieve this both free and premium.

The feature mention in this collection is to feature a grid layout and to follow a similar layout do that you can emulate their success.

Free Imgur Clone WordPress

Free Imgur Clone WordPress

This theme is the best free alternative as supposed to the premium theme we found and is defiantly worth a look at if you are short on cash. Although not full responsive like the premium alternative mention below this template as built in Facebook comment and social share. Not only that but you also have the option to insert ads below or above the main image on post page. If you have bit of cash to spend I would say keep scrolling down for the premium alternative.


Premium Imgur style theme


This theme is fully responsive meaning your users can enjoy your website on all devices whether PC or mobile.You also get front end publishing so your users can sign up and submit post via the front-end of you site, it does not stop there you can also set it up so users can submit images and videos without having to log in. Like the free theme mention above this is also adsense ready with optimized ad location.

Another thing worth mentioning is that users have the ability to mark post as NSFW(Not Safe For Work) meaning non members have to login before the content is shown.

Social sharing and Facebook comment for comes as standard which you can easy enable or disable. Final points is that this theme is light and easy to use with 3 other skin pre-built.


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