The Best Buzzfeed WordPress Theme

In today’s post we will look at some of the best WordPress themes on the market to help you create a similar site like Buzzfeed, which is among the top hundred most visited sites in the world according to

Buzzfeed delivers users breaking news and entertaining social videos, it is growing in popularity throughout the years and is said to have received said to be receiving 150 million unique visitors per month.  Due to the huge success of Buzzfeed there as been lots of similar sites is popping up all over the web. and we’ve recently done a few posts on the Viralnova which are so some little Buzzfeed is delivering social base news and user-generated content.

Now that we’ve spoken a bit about the company itself, we will look further now into how you can actually replicate a similar sort of success within your niche. So in my opinion there’s two key factors that were key to their success and that is first the content that if you visit the site it’s pretty awesome and most of it is user-generated as well. Another factor that I think contributes to Buzzfeed the successes is their site design that entice users to browse further through the site. So without further ado I’ve put together a small collection of the best Buzzfeed clone templates to help you achieve a similar success in your particular niche.

FeedBuzz Theme

FeedBuzz Theme

This is a very clean template one of the closest matches to Buzzfeed in my opinion. Feedbuzz comes fully responsive with optimized advertisement placements, social sharing integrated. The highlights of this template for me personally is the hot post and trending post widget that look amazing.


Buzzking WordPress Theme
buzzfeed wordpress theme

BuzzKing features of three column layout with built-in ad placement fully responsive meaning you look stunning and your devices and is also future proof. This theme also comes with built-in social sharing button on the responsive slider and social icons for your social media profile.

So far this theme the closest thing I’ve found to Buzzfeed design wise and should help you get your next online venture after a flying start. This template is perfect for magazines, news and other viral based websites.


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Best Mashable Clone Themes FREE and Paid

For years bloggers have looked to for inspiration on how to run a successful magazine/news website. Over the years we have seen the mashable style social subscription widget for WordPress and more recently the Mashable share bar. I hope you see my point there were a few old templates that was similar to their site but the one I will present to you is their new 2016 design.


The layout of the site is one we have seen time and time again from the likes of Buzzfeed, upworthy, viral nova and others.
This then adds to the case study that base grid layout are excellent for users engagement and to help increase pageviews.

Since starting this blog I have had a few request to create a post advising readers on where they can find the best mashable clone WordPress theme. So we will be rounding up all the best mashable style themes that’s currently out there.

That being said we can see why many users have asked us to recommend themes similar to Mashable. So without further ado lets have a look at my findings.

Mashmag WordPress Theme

MashMag WP Theme

Another excellently crafted theme by the guys at 99theme currently the leading developer specialise in creating templates like this. Straight out the box you get four different colour scheme to choose from to help you stamp your own brand identity. As you would expect wth most modern theme, it’s responsive and works seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

There’s numerous advertisement placements to help you earn from Gooogle Adsense or banner ads.

The theme is pretty easy to setup because there is no complicated hoops for you to jump through.


WP MashThirteen Pro

WP MashThirteen Pro

This theme is the closest resemblance to we could find which looks good and is also 100% responsive. With this theme you will not go wrong and it offers all the basics like custom logo, ad spaces plus browser support compatible.


Mashthirteen WP Theme

Social Media News and Web


This theme is 100% responsive however it does look very basic and some what amateurish. Saying all this you will be pleased to find out this theme is absolutely free!



Bayside – Responsive WordPress Theme

Bayside - Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is very similar to mashable but also offers a unique take on the design. Bayside is the most feature rich of all the themes mentioned with features like Unlimited Color Schemes and an Infinite Scrolling.



I would personally recommend WP MashThirteen Pro if you want a theme that looks the most similar design wise.

Best Upworthy Theme WordPress Clone

Viral content sites are on the up with many webmasters creating huge fortunes overnight from this fonumane. This type of marketing is great because you don’t have to wait on Google to decide when they want to rank your site. Instead you can take out few ads placement on social sites and wow, your site is viral.

What the upworthy theme does great is focusing readers on the content and encourage sharing which will help drive your site to the top.

To create such a website please see editors choice:

ViralPress WordPress Theme

Looks very similar to come which lots of cool features not seen on orginal site. Some of these features are colourize or zoom effect featured image which is optional also built in ad spots ultimate coloring. You can also customize header layout for slightly different look.


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