Best DamnLol WordPress Theme to create Image Photo Sharing Site

Viral photo base sites, we see theme everywhere from and many other popular funny base sites. But today we are going to be talking about  and how you you can create a similar image website. The key to this sites success besides it content, is the design which focuses visitors on a single post and focus the users to the share button. Which if you have read any of my previous post you will know how much I stress have visible social buttons so that your visitors can easily share your content to their friends etc..

The great thing with this layout is that it’s clutter free and present a good opportunity to display your ads/affiliate links where users expect the content to be. For most sites the homepage is the first and last page most visitor will see so again having the opportunity to display your best content is a good way of retaining new visitors.


Ok, so let us get right you it and sow you the best themes we could find around the web that will allow you to easily create site like damnlol.

LOl WordPress Theme

damn lol theme

This is one of the most closely match template I could find pack with lots of cool features like the ability to add a extra column if you want your theme to look more unique or just to display more ads. This theme is also responsive so your site is future proof with the wide range of devices able to access the web. A few thing worth mentioning with this theme is it’s adsense ready, allows for front end posting, build in social share, the ability to mark post as NSFW and many more.


Funny Image WordPress Theme

Funny Image WordPress Theme

This theme looks like it would get the job done although I must say the design looks a little out dated. A few feature worth mentioning is that it is adsense ready, ability to upload your own logo which is pretty standard. If you are tight on funds then this theme would get you started but not ideal if you want users to contribute to your site because it does not support user frontend post.


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