Best Premium CollegeHumor WordPress Theme– 2014

In recent years there as been a great boom on viral type image/video base sites like buzzfeed, viralnova, collegehumor and many others. There is a lot of money being made is this sector mainly due to the many millions of pageviews these sites receive monthly.

It is no wonder why other entrepreneurial webmasters are quick to follow suit in this style of website and what better way to do so than to create a platform like some of the greats.

There are viral ready WordPress themes that are specially designed for to engage visitors and increase pageviews. These themes include great features to efficiently keep users on site longer and encourage people to share or bookmark your website. Here’s a wonderful list of the best Collegehumor style WordPress theme:


CrazyHumor WordPress Theme

collegehumorr   WordPress Theme

This template features several built in optimized ad placement to help you increase you ad revenue. CrazyHumor also comes with custom image, video and post template which means you will get a different layout optimized for the format mentioned above.