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Lately, I’ve had a lot of request via the contact form, from users like yourself asking where they can’t find the best Oddee style WordPress theme. So after searching the web and going through some of my old contacts below you will find the best and currently the only WordPress clone theme of Oddee.ocm available on the market. So whether you want to create an online magazine or viral content based website like Oddee then below should be more than fit for purpose.

What I would consider being one of the key factors to the Oddee success is, of course, the content but, more importantly, the ease of use for the users and the seamless experience across the mobile devices to get the maximum possible eyeballs and their content. When you first land on the homepage, you get the typical featured slider image. Which you are seen on sites like Upworthy and Viralnova and many other popular sites. Then as you scroll down the page again, we see the grid post layout which has been proven time and time again to increase time on site and your pageviews so if it’s not broke no need to fix it.
Ok so now moving on to the actual cloned theme itself. If you were to keep the oddee logo which I do not recommend. One would think that they’re looking at the original site because the layout is very similar so with the colour scheme the menu item the single page and so on. Overall the theme looks almost 100 percent identical, I would recommend changing the colour scheme and maybe a few things around then to make your site stand out further. The will default layout will remain the same which should help you increase your page use and, of course, you’re an inside as well.

Odee WordPress Theme

Odee WordPress Theme

Having test the theme out below by 99 themes I can confirm dates 100% responsive and mobile ready as well as soup easy to use and set up.

Theme highlights

The guys at 99 theme as generously included the whole array features such as infinite scrolling that automatically load the next set of posts for the user engagement and the amount of page viewed. Not only that but they have also included the social sharing buttons which will fit the colour scheme of your site and hopefully give you that bit more social presence online. Last but not least this is actually built in Optimised ads placements so you can insert your affiliate links banner ads or even Google adsense and sit back and enjoy your passive income.



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