Best WordPress Lifehacker and Gawker Theme Clone of 2015

Lifehacker is a very popular site with technology site which focus on tips and tricks to help us all thrive in the digital age. Gawker is a news site where you can get your daily updates on entertainment, business and more. Both site are the same design wise which operates under the Kinja umbrella group. In today post we will look at some of the best Lifehacker WordPress clone on the market which will help you replicate their success.

The templates mentioned in this collection are suitable for news, magazine style blog in most niche. If you plan to create some like a food blog where big images are key then this theme would not be ideal.

Gawker WordPress theme

gawker wordpress theme

This template is a premium version to the lifehacker/gawker  design. This theme is a 100% responsive unlike the other two free alternative mentioned below. For just $39 you can have your magazine/news site up in a matter of minutes not to mention this is their latest and most upto date design as of 2015.


Qawker WordPress Theme

qawker-wordpress theme

This theme as been around for some time since 2011 but still proves to be useful. If you have no budget at all to spend on a new theme then you might be interested in the theme which is free to download. Note that this theme as aged a bit and is no longer receiving updates from the theme author. If you know a bit of coding then you could do a few tweaks to make this theme responsive and more like the updated Gawker theme.


Lifehacker WP Theme

Lifehacker Clone theme

This theme is another classic of the old template design of the kinja network sites. You can download this for free which still works lats time I checked. highlights of this theme is that it is widget ready with build in ad placements and feature post image as shown in screenshot above.


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