Best SEO WordPress Themes Free and Premium

If you are a WordPress fanatic like me you will know that WP is pretty good for Search engine optimization right out the box. This is because it actually allows your site to be crawled by search bots allows all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your content.

The head of Google spam team gave WordPress the thumbs up as it allows for easy indexing.

Okay, now you know how good WP is out the box and now I will suggest a few themes SEO friendly which turns WP from good to great. The reasons for this is that most the themes recommended below are optimize for speed which help you rank higher, some of them even have built in meta information. This is good because it eliminate the need to install other SEO plugins like the WordPress SEO Plugin which is great but slows down your site.

In no particular order some of the best search friendly themes to help you rank higher:


isis free seo theme

Simple minimalist theme responsive and free to download at This theme is a great entry level to enhance your search presence.


Blix WordPress Theme

Blix WordPress Theme

A very function template with loads of features built in like meta description and a review feature. This this is an updated version of the popular free retired blix theme.


Schema WordPress Theme

Schema Fastest SEO WordPress Theme

A simple but effective theme form mythemeshop, Schema feature rich snippets with allows you to show things like star rating in Google and more. Like all the themes mentioned here this theme is also responsive.


Best WordPress Theme is one of the many viral base sites you might see  in your facebook feeds with cute pictures or videos. One thing for such is that they there are at times hard to ignore. The key ingredient to this site is it’s simple layout with big images and catchy tittles. post are set out in way that the user as to scroll through a set of post increase pageviews and time on site.

Has mentions above funniest shows users a group of images to fully capitalize on each users visit. This technique is also use by many other big sites like allwomentalk and many others.

In this post I have together a collection of the best WordPress clone theme to help you replicate there success. The themes mention in this collection is responsive unlike the actual funniest site, they have the same two column layout with ad spots built in.

Funny WordPress Theme

One of the best funny picture template we have found so far, nice clean design with theme option panel. No codding  knowledge required and you also get built in ad spaces plus social share.


Best Premium CollegeHumor WordPress Theme– 2014

In recent years there as been a great boom on viral type image/video base sites like buzzfeed, viralnova, collegehumor and many others. There is a lot of money being made is this sector mainly due to the many millions of pageviews these sites receive monthly.

It is no wonder why other entrepreneurial webmasters are quick to follow suit in this style of website and what better way to do so than to create a platform like some of the greats.

There are viral ready WordPress themes that are specially designed for to engage visitors and increase pageviews. These themes include great features to efficiently keep users on site longer and encourage people to share or bookmark your website. Here’s a wonderful list of the best Collegehumor style WordPress theme:


CrazyHumor WordPress Theme

collegehumorr   WordPress Theme

This template features several built in optimized ad placement to help you increase you ad revenue. CrazyHumor also comes with custom image, video and post template which means you will get a different layout optimized for the format mentioned above.